One of the best ways to discover the Cairns region is by driving around the area. There are a number of interesting natural attractions in that can only be accessed via vehicle.


While there are plenty of bus tours and 4WD tours available, there is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of your own vehicle and tracking down a unique experience.


Two of the most popular activities in the Cairns region are caravanning and camping. Particularly during the relatively mild weather, when large number of interstate visitors head north to escape the cold.


There are a number of Cairns caravan parks in the city and the surrounding area and most Cairns caravan parks also offer camping sites.


Outside of Cairns there are numerous National Parks with established camp sites and organised tours are also available.


There are bus tours designed for every eventuality and every interest in the Cairns region. Everything from large tour buses for group tours to smaller, personalised trips to the outback and rainforest. There are even 4WD buses for extreme touring.


There are a number of companies that have a wide variety of tours to choose from. These operators can take visitors to specific destinations and also offer package deals.


North and west of Cairns, the landscape becomes more rugged with world‑heritage rainforest and dusty outback plains … 4WDs are sometimes the only way to get to the best bits.


If you are looking to get off the beaten track, 4WDs are the only way to go. These tough all-terrain vehicles can take visitors to more isolated places and on specialised tours.


The region around Cairns is full of great road trips for motorcycles including the Kuranda range to the north and Gillies range to the south.


There are a couple of dedicated motorcycle tour companies in the Cairns region taking on the outback and “bush bashing’ motorcross-style tours.


One of the best ways to enjoy the Cairns region is to drive whether its a self-drive tour, an organised bus tour or by bringing your own vehicle for a camping holiday.