The taste of tropical rainforest you get from Cairns Botanic Gardens and the Mt Whitfield area will only whet your appetite for more and the glories of heritage-listed national parks offer days of walking, hiking and climbing pleasure.


There are a huge number of national parks in the Cairns region. The most well-known would be the Daintree National Park north of Port Douglas.


The Cairns Botanic Gardens defines the entire precinct in Edge Hill, a suburb just north of the city. The area includes the botanic gardens, Mt Whitfield National Park and the Tanks Arts Centre.


Other parks in the city include the Sugarworld Gardens and Parkland south of Cairns at Edmonton.


The Cairns region is home to wonderful walking tours and tracks through National Parks.


Although you can easily grab a map of the World-Heritage National Parks in the Cairns region, there are a number of companies that organise excellent walks and hikes through pristine landscape.

Experience the beauty of the National Parks in the Cairns region

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